Can You Make Money Selling Used Clothing At Flea Markets?

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Can You Make Money Selling Used Clothing At Flea Markets?

Post by johnsforum121 » Fri Jun 25, 2021 5:02 pm

Used clothing has long been a staple section of the flea marketplace enterprise.

Vendors could both sell off their now not wished clothing, or buy it from a local Salvation Army thrift store.

Flea market carriers could make suitable cash promoting used clothing, frequently working on profit margins of over 500%.

Many mounted agencies set themselves up to supply used garb at Fayetteville NC companies, offering pieces of garb for as low as .25 every.

Vendors may want to then resell the garb for $1 to $2 every, enjoying excellent returns at the same time as saving their clients masses of money.

So it's most effective natural for prospective flea market companies to don't forget selling used clothing.

The execs are quite clear. High margins combined with less expensive items suggest that all and sundry can without problems buy worthwhile products to promote.

But based available on the market research I have executed, I have decided that used garb is no longer a great category for flea market carriers.

My reasons are the subsequent:

Reason #1

The fee of new garb is losing considerably. Customers can now purchase present day apparel at Wal Mart for round $five, or even less at many dollar stores. Why must they buy formerly worn apparel while the savings grow to be pennies?

Reason #2

Better high-quality garb. Clothing producers are producing better satisfactory apparel which lasts longer. Customers understand that it's miles worthwhile to spend some greenbacks extra for brand new garb. Since the clothing will final them longer, they will save extra money than if they needed to update the used clothing in some months.

Reason #three

Rising earning. With the overall in line with capita income rising within the United States, the general public can easily have the funds for new apparel. While there'll constantly be poor clients, their buying energy will growth as garb producers lessen the rate of new garb. In different phrases, as the price of new apparel decreases, more people will buy new best.

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